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Introducing the "JUST VAPE IT" VapeBand.

In the vaping industry the slogan "JUST VAPE IT" is used by this fine character, the one and only Mike Morgan, better known to vapers as "Zen~", creator of the "Zenisis". Obtaining one of these bands may be a challenge for vapers, thats why VapeBandis leaving it up to vapers to figure out how to get your hands on one of these custom "JUST VAPE IT" bands. HINT: These bands are not available for retail sale by VapeBand, nor can they be purchased from any of our Official VapeBand Reseller's. That said, we wish all vapers happy hunting, and if you do run into Zen~, tell him "Owl says hi".

About the Vendor
We at VapeBandprefer to call the web site "The House that Zen~ Built", but its actually called "House of Hybrids". House of Hybrids makes the most widely known advanced and rebuildable personal vaporizers on the planet. You can learn all about the House of Hybrid products at http://www.houseofhybrids.com.

Now you can visit the Zenisis Factory Outlet (ZFO) & Vapor Lounge in Spencerport NY near Rochester. Opening to the public in January of 2014, the ZFO Vapor Lounge is a place for vape enthusiasts to visit and explore the facility where every genuine Zenesis Personal Vaporizer is designed, assembled and shipped to our distribution partners. If you vape, and are traveling through Rochester NY, a visit to the ZFO should be a nice diversion to your travel schedule. Visitors are welcome to chat and visit when time permits. For more information on hours of operation and directions click here.

WARNING: When using a VapeBand™, please be sure that you are not covering any battery vent holes on your mods/devices. The ventilation holes are there for your protection and covering these with a VapeBand™ is not advised. We do not take any responsible for where a VapeBand™ is placed and we encourage vapers to take precaution when applying a VapeBand™ to an object. A VapeBand™ should be kept away from direct flame because even though they are typically heat-resistant, they do burn in direct flame. We recommend removing a VapeBand™ when rebuilding or in direct contact with flames.


Zenisis Factory Outlet & Vapor Lounge
42 Nichols St, Suite 14
Spencerpor, NY 14559


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